🚀 A new course, Advanced Flutter, is now live!


The Basics

Beginner (8 videos, 126 mins)
A starter course the gets you going with Flutter, covering text, images, layout, stateless and stateful widgets.
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Flutter for Junior Devs

Super Beginner (5 videos, 110 mins)
A course module strictly for junior developers, specifically, developers that are familiar with some programming language but with less than a year of experience. The goal is to ensure that developer...
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The Tourism & Co. App

Beginner (10 videos, 154 mins)
As a continuation of our initial course, we build out a realistic Flutter app, covering features used in almost any mobile app. We cover concepts and features carefully and end to end, using Flutter ...
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Pro Flutter Essentials

Advanced (4 videos, 93 mins)
Critical concepts, architecture patterns, features and best practices for building robust Flutter apps.
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Advanced Flutter

Advanced (50 videos, 326 mins)
An advanced course covering the step by step development of Steady Calendar, a real app in each app store.
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