A lean and mean series of weekly Flutter lessons.

Why This Course is Different

Lessons are lean and focused, covering only important concepts.

Learn with end to end, realistic recipes, crafted with care.

Developed with love by an engineer that develops Flutter apps on a regular basis.

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Community Love

"I like that he is trying to teach end-to-end concepts rather than just 'here's a widget and here's what it does'"

- Tarran B.
"Love it already! Short and to the point."

- Eti U.
"Thank you very much @seenickcode for the awesome course."

- Tirth P.
  1 Hello, Flutter!
  2 The Fundamentals of Layout in Flutter
  3 Creating Your Own StatelessWidget
  4 Organizing Data with Models
  5 Working with Images
  6 Managing Style and Adding Fonts
  7 Working with Lists
  8 Navigation and Handling Tap Events
  9 Super Simple Unit Tests
  10 Sanity Checks with Integration Tests
  11 Working with JSON
  12 Consuming Web Services
  13 Stateful Widgets
  14 Progress Bars
  15 Pull to Refresh
  16 Custom ListViews
  17 Beautiful Detail Screens
  18 Custom AppBars

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