What people are saying about the course.

"Made clone of Home page of Reddit App using #Flutter. Thank you very much @seenickcode for the awesome course."

- Tirth P.
"Here is a superb free @flutterio learning resource from @seenickcode - I like that he is trying to teach end-to-end concepts rather than just 'here's a widget and here's what it does'."

- Tarran B.
"Awesomeness. Just finished @seenickcode's Flutter Crash Course @flutterio. One of the best, from a super experienced and knowledgeable developer."

- @siliconsorcery
"You have taken a different approach and I find it easy to understand. You have made things easy by explaining so well. Awesome!"

- Subhash P.
"Love it already! Short and to the point."

- Eti U.
"Lovely course and awesome video by instructor. Love the way u teach i.e. straight to the point nothing else."

- Avinash S.
"This is a really great course. Thank you very much for it, already enjoying it. Can't wait for the next recipe!"

- Tirth P.