What Are The Goals For This Course?

  • Offer high quality, fun, practical, realistic, useful and end to end Flutter lessons and recipes.
  • Help others out there who want to get into mobile development or simply programming in general.
  • Eventually, if there's enough interest, make this an international course in various languages with the help of the community - now that would be amazing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to know Dart to follow this course? A: Zero Dart experience is required! Dart concepts are taught bit by bit, while we cover each Flutter topic.

Q: What software do I need to install before starting a course module? A: You'll need Flutter installed along with an Android or iPhone emulator set up. Complete instructions can be found on the Flutter website

Q: When will you create a lesson for topic X? A: I release new videos every few weeks. Follow me on Twitter, @seenickcode , to stay in the loop.

Q: Can I request a lesson for something not covered in your course modules? A: Absolutely. Reach out at nick@fluttercrashcourse.com or @seenickcode

Q: What if I'm stuck? A: If it's something related to the code we cover in a specific course module, feel free to email me at nick@fluttercrashcourse.com and I'll try my best to help out. If it's something more general, it may be better to post a question on one of the Flutter Stack Overflow, Slack or Reddit groups. Links to those can be found here.