The Steady Calendar App

The Steady Calendar App (50 videos, 326 mins)
An advanced course covering the step by step development of Steady Calendar, a real app in each app store. Check out our Discord channel

Module 01

Basic screens, asset caching, Supabase setup. 104 minutes.

What You’ll Learn in this Module

  1. Walk through a basic, scalable Flutter app structure.
  2. Common convention for handling pre/post login transitions and state.
  3. Understanding image sizing requirements.
  4. Per-environment app configuration management.


Module 02

Authentication with Supabase. 49 minutes.

What You’ll Learn in this Lesson

  • How 3rd party authentication works.
  • How to cleanly handle pre/post login navigation and state.
  • Integrating Supabase in a Flutter app.


Module 03

Presenting Data from our Backend. 113 minutes.

What You’ll Learn in this Lesson

  • Defining the Information Architecture of our app.
    • Models, Repositories, Providers.
  • Defining schema and querying data from Supabase.
    • Migrations, test fixtures.
    • Supabase queries.
    • Wiring up data.
  • Testing.
    • Integration tests.


Module 04

Updating Calendar Dates and State Management. 59 minutes.

Module coming late December, 2021.


Module 05

App Distribution to Friends, Family and the App Stores

Module coming February, 2022.